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Why Howard S. Glazer, DDS, Recommends Estelite Bulk Fill Flow

Estelite Bulk Fill Flow has been receiving positive reviews from dentists across the country, and Dr. Glazer writes in Dental Economics the reasons why, for him, it has been so highly praised:

“Th[e] spherical filler technology allows for strength and durability. In fact, the manufacturer reports that the compressive strength is approximately 50% higher than other bulk-fill flowables. I also liked the esthetics since I didn’t find that I needed a capping layer over the material.”

The spherical filler technology, described by Dr. Glazer, enables Estelite Bulk Fill Flow to blend with the surrounding tooth and allow for a more natural look. This is made possible with only five shades of Universal, A1, A2, A3, and B1.


ebf image


Estelite Bulk Fill Flow is one of the fastest bulk fill materials not only because, as Dr. Glazer mentions, there is no need for a capping layer, but also because it cures all the way to 4mm of depth in only 10 seconds. Not only does this save time for the dentist, but it also speeds up the experience for the patient, making restorations more comfortable.

But Dr. Glazer isn’t the only one who cares about strength when it comes to a bulk fill. In a survey conducted by Tokuyama among 310 doctors, 63.6% of dentists find either ‘high depth of cure’ or ‘high strength’ a key factor in choosing a bulk fill product to use.


And, among 5 competitors, Estelite Bulk Fill Flow maintains the highest hardness ratio from top to bottom of the filling. It also is one of the strongest in compressive and flexural strength among these same competitors.


It’s not just Dr. Glazer who is convinced of Estelite Bulk Fill Flow’s fast and esthetic restoration ability— doctors across the country are in agreement.

Check out the full article at Dental Economics to read the full list of key factors that Dr. Glazer favored in Estelite Bulk Fill Flow!


Linked article written by Howard S, Glazer, DDS, published by Dental Economics, April 1, 2018.

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