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Why Use a Bulk Fill?

Ever wondered if a bulk fill was right for you? Or if the product you’re using might not be working the way it was meant to? Then check out Dentistry Today’s article and case study about Estelite Bulk Fill Flow. The article demonstrates the advantages of the product and explains why it is the bulk fill of choice for countless dental professionals—perhaps why it might even be the right choice for you.

Bulk fills offer countless advantages to dentists, but the main benefit of using a bulk fill is how much faster and easier they make restorations compared to traditional methods.

Without bulk fills, dentists typically must cure several increments of composite in order to complete a deep restoration. Bulk fills save time and effort in reducing this process to a single layer.

Estelite Bulk Fill Flow takes only 10 seconds to cure up to 4 mm deep without the need for a capping layer. It has beautiful, glossy results and leaves both the dentist and the patient smiling. And, most importantly, it’s faster than almost every competitor.

See for yourself how fast it is compared to other products:


And despite the speed and depth of Estelite Bulk Fill Flow, dentists can feel rest assured knowing that Estelite Bulk Fill Flow flows and adapts into the cavity until it is flush against the surface. This capability of the product prevents restoration failures and provides an excellent marginal seal. The diagram below demonstrates this characteristic.

ebf diagram

Check out the full article at Dentistry Today to learn more and see Estelite Bulk Fill Flow in action.


Linked article written by Mitri A. Ghareeb, DDS, published by Dentistry Today, February 1, 2018.

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"An easy-to-place bulk fill that does not require a capping layer and results in highly esthetic, strong restorations."

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