Dr. Eric Block

Dr. Eric Block

Dr. Eric Block, DMD, CAGS, FICOI, FICD, FAADS, FIADFE is a full-time practicing dentist in Acton, Massachusetts, and the Owner of Acton Dental Associates. He graduated from the Nova Southeastern College of Dental Medicine in 2002 and completed a two-year Implantology Residency at Boston University in 2004. He is certified by the American Association of Dental Boards for continuing education. He is the Co-founder of the International Academy of Dental Life Coaches or IADLC.com. He is a Wellness Ambassador to the American Dental Association and the Former Chairman of the Massachusetts Dental Society's Health and Wellness Committee He is a member of the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine and The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. He hosts the Stress-Free Dentist podcast ( www.thestressfreedentist.com/podcast/ ) show and Facebook group. He hosts the Massachusetts Dental Society’s Podcast, The Fourth Molar: Beyond Wisdom. He is the author of a series of non-fiction and children’s books, which can be found on amazon.com/author/ericblock. He is a fellow of the International Congress of Oral Implantologists and a former instructor at Boston University's Department of Implantology. He is also a fellow in The American Academy of Dental Sciences, International College of Dentists, and International Academy of Dental Facial Esthetics. He can be reached at eric@thestressfreedentist.com and check out www.TheStressFreeDentist.com for Dr. Block’s upcoming events.

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The beginnings of my implant journey I have been surgically placing and restoring dental implants for over twenty years. During this time, the industry has exploded with new inventions and materials, and I have adapted to these drastic changes with improved workflows and techniques.

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Midway through my career, I was totally burnt out from dentistry. I was always nervous and afraid of getting sued all the time. I was swept up in the false belief that dentistry was just a stressful high-performance job and there was nothing I could do to change this. It was just the profession that I chose, and I would have to deal with my anxieties and regret by waiting until my kids were out of college. Maybe by then I would have paid off my loans and have enough money saved so I could retire and then do something else.

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